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Why Work With Us ...

7 Reasons client told us why they came to us to source their items

  1. They haven't done it before, where as we do this all the time.
  2. They don't want people to know they are sourcing, so as we work anonymously, their brand is safe.
  3. It is too complicated, with inspection, shipping and duty, yet we deliver to the door, making it convenient.
  4. They are too busy, having too many other things to do, where as this is our speciality.
  5. They are worried about fraud, about getting an empty container, where as we know what and how to check.
  6. They couldn't find the item, so needed help.
  7. The price they had was too high; they needed to get a more reasonable price.

7 Reasons clients continue to use us – we asked

  1. We did what we said we would.
  2. We are easy to work with, making it simple to continue doing business.
  3. They trust us.
  4. We help develop ideas with them, adding value to the relationship.
  5. We are cheaper than them doing it themselves.
  6. We take their risk away.
  7. There were other products they also wanted finding and handled for them
  8. China Sourcing Services, people you can trust to make it easier for you


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