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Years of ExperienceWe have years of experience of bringing over a wide variety of products. Some people will just concentrate in sectors, which of course brings a far greater risk of them also selling to other people in your sector, which many clients say is a key concern to them. Therefore we have not remained product specific, and ensure our skill sets is in getting the right product regardless of if it is new to us.

However, many items do have similar aspects, and so it can be beneficial for us to list a range of items we have already sourced for clients.

  • Aluminium machined parts
  • Turned metal parts and metal presswork
  • Plastic mouldings & plastic tubes
  • Cages and wire products
  • Automotive parts, automotive components
  • Steel tube and steel section, cut and drilled
  • Carbon fibre tubes
  • TV's and electrical goods, tube clips
  • Fabrications and painted parts, toothbrush packs
  • Bolts and nuts, either specials or standard
  • Printed catalogues and printed boxes
  • Acrylic ornaments
  • Tables, desks, table parts & chairs
  • Diner sets
  • Chemicals
  • Wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow wheels
  • Push chairs, castors, dog bowls
  • Wellington boots, glasses, nails
  • Card readers & Memory sticks
  • Granite ornaments and stone

There are other items of course, and where things might lead to a specific client, then we will not mention those either.

In the marketing world, things go according to plan. In the manufacturing and sourcing world, its not quite like that. Things do go wrong, mistakes do get made, items do not arrive as expected. Product Sourcing Services are experienced to have had a number of occasions where problems occurred, and it was down to us to resolve it. And this is what we do. It would be great to say things never go wrong, but more honestly whilst we obviously always have less issues than people doing things on their own for a first time, it is when things do occur despite everyone’s effort that our value really comes to the fore.

We know what can be done, what is fair to do, and we always get a reasonable resolution. Ideally things never go wrong, but its every bit as important to know if something does, that it will get resolved.

We have a good responsible experienced track record. Read more about how to get started.


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