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Sourcing and supplying from China to the USA, handling everything to your door.

China Sourcing Services are a safe pair of hands, they help clients take the risk and fear out of sourcing products from China and the Far East.

Working with the Chinese for many yearsSince 2003 Product Sourcing Services have been helping clients safely find product from the Far East. With inspection offices in China (Ningbo & Shenzhen) then they always take the logical route of dealing with the details directly with you, and then finding factories who make the item closest to what you are looking for. There are no factories which everything is made in, the most suitable factories are found who already make similar. This is the least risk process.

Lawrie Elwell is main person, and his background for 12 years before moving into product sourcing, was in IT and accounts systems. The key skill was always in identifying what the customer meant, and reducing risk from change. The same is true here, the specification is key and work is done to check everything, making a clients life easier.

Trips are made to China, as and when, maintaining relationships and working with key factories or products. Relationships mean as much today as ever. The phrase 'you cannot do good business with bad people' sums things up very well for how Product Sourcing Services work. Looking after the supplier as much as the customer, if a factory is going to put a job on an evening shift just to churn it out, relationships and processes are needed to ensure it isn't yours. Relationships and respect are key.

The most typical sized client, is $10,000,000 to $40,000,000 in turnover, naturally with some notably larger, and others working out of garages. What is common with all of them, was the need to find a partner to help them comfortably Source from China.


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