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China Sourcing Services

Sourcing and supplying from China to the USA, handling everything to your door.

Since 2003 China Sourcing Services have been sourcing products from China for their clients, building up a wide range of contacts, great factory relationships with excellent experience of sourcing both standard, and the more unusual or new products.


The China sourcing experts, who will source, inspect,
and ship to you

Regardless of if this is your first product sourced from China, or if you just need an expert to make your life easier, and handle everything for you, Product Sourcing Services are a safe pair of hands to get products for you at the right price, from reliable Chinese factories, all delivered to the you in the USA.

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How to get started

All that is needed is an idea of what the item is, with a specification or similar. An indication of how many you are looking for, and a target price. Typically total spend needs to be $6,000 or more for a factory to be interested, though the best price is always related to volume. Shipping can see these merged in with other goods, or brought over in fcl (Full Container Loads) for you.

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Why use China Sourcing Services
as your sourcing agent?

They don’t charge for sourcing, they are experienced, with good Chinese factory relationships and inspectors. They find the best factory already making your product where practical, and operate as your in-house sourcing expert, taking the risk out of buying abroad. Read the 7 reasons clients said why they use Product Sourcing Services for their sourcing from China. (link)What ever you need we can source it.

For more general information about sourcing and please see our FAQs page.

About China Sourcing Services
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